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no vision, lack of ambition, so wack

dear so called father

this is my swan song, i am not a duplicate nor am i an imitation.

i am unique and i possess far more charisma than your average

person; you have failed to realize this 17 of our "family" year.

Because of your low status and value in life, i aspire to be

great, the exact opposite of you. i plan to major in your exact

opposite, success. I am a renegade and a dreamer, though you have

often called me stupid, lazy, worthless piece of shit, and

unworthy to be anyone's son, i have cried to beyond a drought but

i didn't stop and i never will. i lacked self esteem and vision

because i couldn't see beyond my room, my environment. i was

deprived of all feelings and emotions up to today; you are the

living reason why i understand philosophy and believe in hell.

recently i had a deep infatuation of being a batender; due to the

fact that i am not a compusive or a hard drinker, i didn't

understand why this became so. now i realized it, i was looking

for a drink beyond an 80 proof vodka with a pineapple kicker to

swallow your shit. even as dark and heartless as i am today, you

still have a way to piss me off. you did not love me, i was only a

thing to show off to your friends. you preached to me that there

is no such thing as love, no spouse or friend to care about, but

expected me to love you back. you have shown me the depths of the

darkness and loneliness of a human being, thank you. as our houses

grew bigger, the granite feels colder. maybe it was because i was too complex to be understood, even by myself. i don't know how i grew up without you or anyone else, the only thing that put me to sleep was tears or a rap song. if you stay in this house when i'm past 18, the door will never be opened. i have made pastors cry, ex crack addicts weap, i've turned christians into sinners, and i will turn you into believers when i say i will become great.

last one

I wonder if you can use the excuse ‘it’s a song lyric’ for every insult you throw at people. For example on Facebook, AIM, or just real life, if you put say something degrading. Can you just say you’re quoting a song? If you say something mean enough with the right amount of emphasis and get a bad reaction, can you say it’s a quote? Will that lessen the impact of the insult, if the reaction is really bad?

How common is common sense anymore? I hate it when I text someone back telling them ‘I don’t have texting, don’t text back’, and then they texts me back saying ‘ok’. They owe me a lot of money.

The phrase I kept hearing is that love is blind. Why buy lingerie?

What if there’s a map with ‘you are here’ label all over it? How much money can I make buy selling it at Walmart?

The one thing I thought about from Mr. Purdom is that you copy from one, it is plagiarism; if you copy from multiple sources, it is research.

I also bought some life savors. What would happen if I choked and died on one? Would I be reborn? Or can someone sue the company for false advertising?

Can you exaggerate how average you are?

I just found out that ‘gullible’ is not in any dictionary out there. Go ahead, check.

My friend called my other friend a chubby chaser. ( A chubby chaser is a person who has a mad fetish for enlarged people) I thought about this for a while. It’s not really a chase is it? It’s more of a slow walk instead.

I was wondering about the quote ‘what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger’. What if you were really old and every bone in your body snapped and you survived. Can you still get stronger?

I wonder if Mr. Ross would be really good at letterblox(game on Omgpop.com). He probably might know some secret on there. I’m writing this because Elise is whopping me. I have to know if she has a freaky amount of vocabulary or she’s cheating. I can’t pass 5000 points; it’s like scrabble to the max. Shaquille O’Neal is too good at scrabble.

Why can’t Albany have good teachers? My English teacher sucks a lot. Just kidding. Mr. Ross probably doesn’t even read this blog so I can rant on him all I want on this. I don’t see how Albany got 9 out of 10 ratings. All our good teachers are gone, all the bad ones can’t be fired, and we’re going to be on that state control status soon.


I would of course need my transportation; so, I will take Ferris’ genius idea of stealing a car. It can’t be a crappy looking car so I will have to steal a Benz SLR. Yes I can do it. I would not spend the vacation in Albany. I would spend the majority of the day in San Francisco. It would suck putting up with all the traffic and hills with a fast car, but looking good is worth it. Well since I don’t want to be alone on my day, I would invite the funniest guy I know, a friend whom I known since 8th grade, to keep me entertained. I will eat breakfast in San Francisco, since I can’t cook and I don’t like my parent’s food. I will probably eat at a café since I want a large drink, and I have large cup holders in my Benz. I would then go shopping at west field mall, since most of the funny moments my friend has happened during shopping. After our adventure we would explore the internet to find the most expensive restaurant in San Francisco, preferably Italian. The morning isn’t as exciting as most people expect it to be, but it is only an appetizer since I wouldn’t have enough energy to keep with for the entire day for what I have in stored. I would buy some monsters to keep me up and going for the rest of the day, since I am really sleepy at this moment. After our shopping time, we would break for junk food. Food is just too important and too hard to resist. After we would find some other people to hang out with, since school is probably over; if not, we would bust them out anyways. We would just eat some more. A vacation for me is relaxation, not necessarily fun, but it wouldn’t be dull at all. A party or a scheduled time with friends is meant for fun but in this case, it’s for me to take a time out from life. At night, we would just hang out driving around and watching the lights, since we’re probably going to be tired.

south park satire

The show will take place in an Elementary school. Any swearing by the students will be scolded by the teachers or supervisors of the school. The main characters include 4 diverse 4th graders. The most important fact is that they are completely normal, not geniuses and do not watch the news. The show mainly takes place after school where the kids are allowed to hang out until 6 p.m. During school time the kids aren’t filmed because they don’t do anything wrong in class and it is boring. After school, they go to the usually hangout place, the playground. They fantasize about the adventures they could take if they were older and more able to do so. All the adventurous things they attempt to create ends up in utter fiasco. They’re silly attempts to build any simple item because they’re incapable to think as well as adults because they are fourth graders.

Occasionally fights happen between the four kids. The fight starts with an unusual large amount swear words to verbally abuse the other person. After a few lines of one worded attacks, a teacher comes and escorts the two fighters to the principal’s office. They cower at the sound of the principal’s name. They are given detention at their recesses and given a phone call home. After a long lecture, the boys are sent home and only to be scolded by their parents. For two weeks the boys will be kept under punishment and they are powerless to escape. They are only to be sad to watch everything else go by out their window. The TV in their room is also confiscated. At nights the kids desperately try to do something fun but is caught immediately put to sleep.

Soon after punishment has been lifted, the boys roam the playgrounds of their elementary school once again. A change has stained the children’s mind, every idea of mischief is thought out twice before judgment is passed on them. They remain cautious of their surrounding with fear clouding their mind. They casually partake on talking about the new cartoon out on TV while swinging merrily on the swing set. At the end of the month, the kids learn a new lesson on life and continue to grow up. They do not stay the same age and retain the looks as they did 2 years ago.

art blog


I chose the first link on Mr. Ross' page. The ideas for this one came to me quickly. To me this represents the value of every object in a person’s life. When I use the word object it represents every aspect such as hobbies and whatnot. For me I think this art piece only shows a woman’s life, mainly because of the make up brush. Those items are larger than the bed and same size as the background; it means that those items are more valuable to the person than their lives and the world, represented by the clouds on the wallpapers. Make up are one of the most important things to a woman; in clearer words, the image of a woman is worth more than her life. The author is saying that woman have an attitude that says, “I don’t care if I die, as long as I die beautiful”. The wine glass represents parties and fun for women, at the cause of damaging the mind. The match represents smoking; I believe the artist didn’t post up a cigarette because it was be promoting smoking, both represents living life through an illusion caused by chemicals. The overall painting is about one’s mind. It’s self centered to only think about itself, and how it will satisfy its desires. It shows the selfishness of humans and how it concentrates so much on desires that it damages everyone else to the point where the body is person is also damaged. In this painting logic isn’t broken that much. That image is possible, but it would be rare and unusual, also pointless. He breaks it to show a human mind through the use of one’s room, where a person lives. He breaks ‘logic’ in this painting to show how the mind weights certain aspects of one’s life over others, and he shows what are the ones weighted the most. The ones weighted the most are the things people as kids never wanted to be and those drags a person into the depths of depression and further selfishness that causes isolation from others. It just makes me think how humans behave towards their mind; I wasn’t surprised to see this. I actually liked all of the Rene’s paintings. Surrealism seems to be an intriguing subject. The artist’s intent is just to show how a human thinks and how it affects other people. It shows why people are mainly depressed and act the way they are.


As I ponder through my train of ideas, time quickly passes by. The sound of my pencil clicking, the noise of my fingers harshly tapping on the table, and the utter silence in the background slowly infuriates me. Those countless memories of comedies, recent events with friends don’t shine a light, none which are invoked. The silent inability to focus opens the gates of distraction to every insignificant item in my room, concentrating all its energy to my mind. Tick-tock, as time passes, so does my motivation. The sun is slowly lazily drooping down. A voice leaked out of my subconscious, hastily proclaiming its place and broadcasting its trance through my mind. “Fuck it Henry, your creativity is escaping you, not only must you write a story, but do it French, and you pretty perfectly well of your illustrious enmity towards it. The sun is still up; you can catch nearly an hour of basketball outside. Fuck it Henry. ” Suddenly, I stood up to break free of the trance and its deep control, went downstairs and got a cookie. Savoring my time, took my first bite, and chewed it completely. There was no need for a rush. I sat down and finished my cookie, enjoy every last bit of it. Took a glance at my blank French paper, suddenly a harsh screeching sound surrounded my ears. “You ignorant piece of shit. Do you know how much calories and fat is in that cookie, and you viciously chowed it down. You better get outside and start shooting them baskets. You don’t want to wake up with two rolls on your stomach. Look, you have nothing on your paper, what makes you think you can write much in the rest of the night? Go Henry, the basketball court is right outside your court.” After an intensifying short practice of basketball, I walk back into my room. Letting loose all my stress and worries, being free of all the pressure, and allowing your mind to escape. A gloomy face appeared as I saw my reflection through the black screen of my computer. I turned on the monitor and to my surprise, I see in huge letters on my chat box “The French is due on weds”.

the interview one

1. Who is the most inspiring person (for you personally) in your life? How and why do they inspire you? You may see them as a personal hero or a role model

I would actually have to say Hitler or Mao Zedong. (Yeah, not to be racist or anything, I’ll explain as you read further down, I don’t like the way they used their power for racism.) (I will explain on Hitler because I don’t think many people know him as well, but basically they did the same thing or in the same position) Hitler grew up with a great hatred for Jews. As time progressed, he became dictator of Germany . I do not admire the cruel actions he took on the Jews, I have nothing against them, but they way he came to power. He came to power because he hated a certain race of people, not only did he have control, but he was also able to everything he wanted to do. Anyone who he hated or even disliked, he had to power to call an end to their life. I admire his will, that hate which brought him to power, and he played as God, he could have his way due to a single whim. As for Mao Zedong, he came to power when China was in a critical situation. He used his power to help China get out of that situation. Basically, he was like Hitler except his drive was for the good of his country, he lived out of love for his country, not to satisfy his own simple whims. I saw those two as role models, for Mao Zedong, as a personal hero too; I admire their drive for them to be great, and how in power they took control.

2. If you had one weekend to spend 10,000 dollars, and you had to spend it, what would you do/buy?

I would assume, the 10,000 dollars are legal, let’s say from a lottery ticket or something. I actually wouldn’t spend too much, but I have to. I would love to have plentiful money just for the hell of it, but of course I will spend a lot on a lot of cheap things.  First thing, shopping, I would buy more than I need and a few clothing items that are one size bigger than me or barely bigger so that I can procrastinate on shopping in the future. (I will not procrastinate if the trend of clothing drops down quickly, who knows what would happen in the U.S. ) I can’t calculate exactly how much I use but let’s say, if I had around one thousand dollars left in the end, I would spend it all on stock, if I don’t have enough money, oh well. I would buy three basketballs and a new tennis racket, there goes 200 dollars. Do I really have to explain why I bought those? Those are the two sports I play a lot. OH yes food. I will also assume I will have around two weeks to spend it or so. I would treat myself a lot during lunches, breakfasts, dinner, and snacks. I will hire my personal limo driver, but I doubt there are any cheap ones so I will probably hire a taxi driver or something or a bike. I would buy myself a new computer. The most expensive one, because I can, but it has to work really well or else it would be stupid. I think that’s around 10000 dollars.

3. If you could go back in time to change any one event, what would it be, and how would changing it affect the world moving forward FROM THAT POINT?

I would go back in time to invent a car that ran on electricity or air or something kind of resource we have plenty to waste. ( Or another great cost of global warming) Global warming would at least be delayed until now. The war in Iraq might not happen, but who knows, maybe Bush would get drunk, again, and declare war on Iraq for some bullshit reason. Once global warming I can play tennis without the wind blowing, sun shining too hard, or constant rain. During the day, I wouldn’t be too cold or too hot, but most important I can wake up better. I would hate to wake up with my room all cold and constantly reminded of the fact that I would have to go to school. I would just like the weather to be fitting for the season and not too extreme so I can do sports and everything else normally.

4. If you could un-invent something, what would it be and why would you un-invent it?

I would un-invent the means of war. Since there is a lot and Mr. Ross might be ,umm I don’t want to say it, about it, I would say guns. Mainly pistols because it takes away the fun in war. The thought of something dying by another person’s gun is just cruel. It gives power to the stupid people who don’t know how to use it. The old fashion fighting is cool. The most important thing is gun laws. No more people giving shit about whether it should be legal or not. No more idiots with guns wandering around on the streets and no more innocent deaths. There would be probably less deaths too.

5. What film most accurately resembles your life? Make the connections clear using traits/aspects/characteristics/characters of the film. Consider approaching this a bit like an essay--you must have some concrete details from the film that you connect to concrete details from your life. ELABORATE!

I would write it is not out in theatres ( from zori), but I’m scared that Mr. Ross would give me so much shit about it. I would say 21. I’m not saying I go to a super smart school like MIT or that I’m even that smart, but the things we have in common is that we both learn at an incredible pace. We both take risks but only after we calculate how much it would affect us and if it was worth it. We both had dreams that we hard for, at times I lost them and so did the main character. I actually know how to count cards too, I think that is something else in common. I, sometimes, enjoy games involving thinking.

6. SHORT ANSWER: What is the best not chocolate dessert?

Crepes. It could have been the fact that I was really hungry and was standing in line for it for 40 minutes. It also could have been the scenes of Las Vegas that made the food better, or it could have been a rich restaurant. I eating my own food, until my friend offered me some crepes, and I took it. And couldn’t stop eating it for the rest of the night.  


Blog about the songs

Music Blog

Take a Bow – Leona Lewis

At first, the name, I thought, was to do the best you can. In the song, I know the title doesn’t mean what I think it means, but this is the way I choose to interpret it. After everything I’ve done, in the future, this is how I’m planning to close it. Mainly, this title refers to those people you loved and turns out that they’re only “playing the part”. “Take a bow because you’ve taken everything else/ you played the part, like a star you played it so well”. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory, it means that you lost everything to this or these people, because everything they did was just “acting”. The things they’ve taken is love, time, and effort from you, and that the last thing they can take is bow for putting on a front for so long. “And you should know that your performance made me stronger now”. This pretty much means, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. The pain you’ve suffered will only make the other pain seem less harmful, and that let every failure teach you the right way to go on. Failure and pain is how you should strive to get better. “It must have been sleight of hand because I still can’t understand/ why I could never see, just what a fool believes”. This lyric shows how love blinds any person. People get so caught up in things they believe, not matter how much sense it makes, they commit their lives to it. What people don’t understand is the love can be so easily broken and changed, but they are too blinded by love and emotions to see it. People should open their eyes and see the situation, instead of out of their hearts and dream a fantasy that might never happen.

Superstar – Lupe Fiasco

This song is obviously about celebrities, but on a more profound level it can relate to a worldlier situation. “If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear, the cameras here”. This pretty much if you have the confidence, what you say you will do will go in your way. If you believe, say you can do it, and then you can. Don’t doubt yourself. “Well your name ain’t on the guest list/ who brung you/ you”. It means that you can strive by yourself, you get yourself in places you want to be. You don’t need an invitation to succeed, get there yourself. “Waiting for God to come and get me/ I’m too uncouth, unschooled to the rules”. Don’t be part of the status quo and settle for average, soar to the heavens if you have to. Don’t listen to the rules, which in the songs, the other people, saying that you can’t do it or it’s not possible for you. Break that, with confidence, and you will succeed.

Rider – Chamillionaire

This song represents the attitude on how to go about life. “I'm too tough for y'all, and I will never fall/You can talk that talk, but I'ma walk that walk” This demonstrates the attitude to live life, a strong and confident attitude. Be confident in yourself, and when in situations let your game, talent, and ability to do all the work. You are defined by your abilities not by how much trash you talk(unless your really good at it). “I'm a survivor, true survivor”. Out of all the pain and suffering everyone goes through, you come out of it alive. Use that reason why you lived and use that exact drive to live life. “If I walk out that do', and don't come back no mo'/Let the liquor po', and let the people know”. This means, after everything you’ve gone through you should have left a mark on the world. Let everyone remember your name. (letting the liquor [pour] means like a ritual to remember the dead ones).

Fashion Blog

Fashion sense…hmmm. I’ll start with my childhood. When I grew up I was mainly dressed by my parents. They bought the clothes and I put them on, and that was my fashion sense for my childhood. Until around sixth grade I started changing up my style. I didn’t really like the clothes my parents bought and whatever. So when I shopped, I went to buy clothing with my parents and I choose for myself. They still went shopping with me because I guess I was too young and I couldn’t go shopping alone, but yeah, I was in sixth grade. Basically I went with things that wasn’t too flashy or eye catching, for shirts and sweaters I didn’t want anything that covered up everything. A logo here and there is fine, but I didn’t get anything that was “too much”, and stuck with things that will just alright. Those things were easy to find and pretty comfortable. The things I bought were I guess average brand for people, Nike, Quiksilver, and other known brands. They were easy to find and they didn’t cost all that much. Price was also a factor, but not that much of a factor. The clothing usually didn’t cost that much, and if it didn’t I guess I would just buy another shirt or something, I would think if the shirt is worth the price and usually it was, and if it wasn’t I had to will power to say no. The clothing I bought weren’t too big, but they were usually a little bigger or fitted me perfectly. I wasn’t trying to become a gangster or act out; I acted the way I am. The clothing doesn’t necessarily reflect on who you are. Sometimes people get lazy and just buy what is average looking and can pass by with it. That doesn’t mean they are lazy, they might have been working hard before it and didn’t have time. The size clothing I wore before were mainly tight because my parents bought them for me, later on my clothing got really big, as in size, to just relieve myself of that tight feeling. As I grew up, I didn’t like the really loose clothing. I bought clothing that fitted me, not too tight, they the perfect size, but just a little bit loose. I wasn’t preppy like though, only at certain occasions such as meetings and whatnot. I wasn’t a wannabe gangster either. The things I had on my shirt were usually logos, good looking pictures, or intelligent lines. Oh yeah, my jeans are usually blank, nothing on them, but usually there are Okay jeans with some logo or simple drawing on the back pockets, those I’m fine with. Some shirts I would buy like maybe from a dance crew I like, a basketball player jersey, or anything I find interesting. I would rarely buy blank colored shirts, because their a waste of money. I rather buy a shirt that has a design on them. The only blanked colored shirts I would buy are white and black ones. Pretty much, I don’t go all out for shopping on clothes, but some shirts or jeans I would go after for, I wouldn’t go all out and I will not settle for second best.

Blog Questions, i lost count

1.  Do you believe in karma?
No, well not really. I'm paranoid of karma though. Sometimes i expect karma to do something good for me for once. If i do something horrible to someone else or anytime I realize it, I'll be super paranoid. When I do something good, such as telling a person directions, I expect to find five dollars on the ground. I guess karma is there sometimes, but then that would be chance, so not really.

2.  What one current event in any aspect of world news do you think is being most neglected or underrepresented?
Haha, I don't care about the news a lot, so I will skip this question.
3.  If you could have any one superpower, what would it be and why?
Damn, I hate questions like this. I want a superpower that has the ability to have all the other super powers. But Mr. Ross would probably give me hell and keep me in class when I'm supposed to be playing tennis. I would say, the ability to control time/space. Fine no super hero has it, but I'll be the first. Controlling space/time pretty much enables me to do a lot of the other superpowers too. Instead of running super fast, I'll just stop time and walk home. Invisible, pfft I'll stop time and poke your eyes out.
4.  If you could invite any 5 famous people or characters to your birthday party, who would you pick?
I would most likely pick the funniest people, sexiest, or the people with the most friends, celebrity friends.
There's just so many, I think I will pick the performers.
Russell Peters, He's just too funny.
Michael Jackson, Come on, He's a great dancer/singer, besides I would have security.
Chris Brown, my security, I'm sure if he whupped Rihanna, he wouldn't hold back on Michael Jackson
Quest Crew, Amazing dance crew, showed beat freaks who's the boss( beat freaks are awesome too, just not quest crew awesome)
Megan Fox, so I can just stare at her.

5.  If you could live in any film or book, what would you select? Would you want to be one of the characters, or would you want to be you (introduced as a new character)?
I would be a new character in twilight, Henry, better than buffy, the vampire slayer. I would just ruin the entire book, get rid of all the vampires. It would be hilarious. I can imagine it now, (this part that I am about to see is from the twilight commercial, I didn't read the book) that one vampire saves that girl. (forget mla format) Girl: Thank you| Narrator: Oh what, what is this a new character. Why it's Henry, better than buffy, the vampire slayer. He kills all the vampires. The end. Great Book, I would have a movie for this too.

6.  Who of your friends would make the best president? I can't wait to know why.
I would find a friend that Mr. Ross would never know, so he doesn't hypnotize him/her ( most likely him) into making a stupid rule like, MLA formatting on AIM or Facebook. Or that songs have to follow MLA format or needs to be complete sentences. I would pick Chumeng, don't even say anything about him. Yeah ok, he might be a douche bag at times, but this man has common sense. I'm sure he'll make the right choices or at least funny ones. Just talk to him, you'll know. I'd just like to make a note to some to a few people, who thinks Chumeng is an asshole. Maybe it's not him, find out why he doesn't respect you. Only to a few people.
7.  I used to always trip out that my strawberry Chapstick tasted so strongly like strawberries (and why was I eating so much Chapstick?). Then I realized that it wasn't the taste that was strong; it was the smell. They say that smell is the strongest sense (and I agree). What is your favorite smell? USE CONNOTATIONS, FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, OR ANALOGY in your (butter) saucey answer.
I love the smell of mango. Let me rephrase that. I love the smell of a seduced mango or a seducing mango. ( it makes me horny, haha just kidding, i couldn't resist) . I feel like, I'm in heaven. That's good enough for this question.

8.  Ignoring our budget crisis: If you could invent a new class for AHS to teach, what would it be? 
AP Henry Appreciation class. Ok, let's be serious. AP Cooking. Honestly, I can't think of anything else, and this school needs some spice to it.
9.  Identify any symbol from any film ever (pick your favorite if you can think of many from which to choose). Identify what it means and why you picked it.
I can't remember any film at all. I am legend probably. The butterfly, where during the movie where the hole in the glass door was of a butterfly i screamed, but not that loud because we're in the threatres, "Mr. Lent would have an orgasm over this scene", and our whole row of albany people cracked up. I don't think I have the slightest clue to what the symbol means. A butterfly is pure when the zombies are infected, and innocence? I still have no idea, the movie wasn't good.
10. Will humankind still exist in 300 years?
Yes. How the hell am I going to explain this. Technology. I expect a supreme dictator to take over though. Someone to succeed me. If humankind is dying, I will personally, corrupt the Trojan Company.
11. What is the most embarrassing song to ever grace your IPOD? Why was it there, may I ask?
Oh man, I don't have an Ipod, I use my phone. Sigh, i guess i ll answer this. I put the miley cirus on there, just so i can answer this question. All that time, just to do my english homework, I think i should be let out early one day, regardless of tennis.
12. Did you support your answers?

Yes I did, because the instructions told me to. Yeah, even this one i manage to support.